Mahindra Group’s Swaraj Tractors launches new range in partnership with MS Dhoni

Swaraj Tractors, the homegrown tractor brand of Mahindra Group, has launched a new range of tractors in the 40-50 horsepower (HP) category in partnership with its brand ambassador and former Indian cricket captain MS Dhoni. The new range, which includes four models – Swaraj 742 XT, Swaraj 742 FE, Swaraj 744 FE and Swaraj 744 XT – is priced between Rs 6.9 lakh and Rs 8.4 lakh (ex-showroom).

Swaraj tractors a new name for power, reliability and comfort

The new range of Swaraj tractors is designed to offer power, reliability and comfort to the farmers. The tractors are equipped with features such as power steering, dual clutch, oil immersed brakes, side shift gear lever, mobile charger and digital instrument cluster. The tractors also have a stylish look and a spacious platform for the driver.

Swaraj Tractors has roped in MS Dhoni as its brand ambassador since 2018. Dhoni, who is known for his passion for farming and tractors, has been actively involved in the development and promotion of the new range. He has also given his inputs and feedback to the Swaraj team on various aspects of the tractors.

The target market for the new range of Swaraj tractors is small and medium-sized farmers. These farmers are looking for tractors that are powerful, reliable and comfortable to operate. The new range of Swaraj tractors meets these needs and is expected to be well-received by the farmers.

The competitive landscape in the tractor industry is quite competitive. The major players in the industry include TAFE, Eicher and John Deere. The new range of Swaraj tractors will compete with the products of these companies.

MS Dhoni shares his passion and experience with Swaraj tractors

“I am very happy to be associated with Swaraj Tractors, a brand that is trusted by millions of farmers across India. I have been using Swaraj tractors for my own farming activities and I am impressed by their performance and durability. The new range of Swaraj tractors is a great example of how Swaraj listens to the voice of the farmers and delivers products that meet their needs and aspirations. I am sure that the new range will be well received by the farmers and will help them achieve their dreams,” Dhoni said at the launch event.

Mahindra Group expects to increase its sales and market share in the tractor segment

Harish Chavan, President – Farm Equipment Sector, Mahindra Group, said that the launch of the new range of Swaraj tractors is a significant milestone for the company and reflects its commitment to offer innovative and affordable solutions to the farmers.

“Swaraj Tractors is a homegrown brand that has a strong legacy of serving the Indian farmers for over four decades. The new range of Swaraj tractors is a result of our continuous efforts to understand the evolving needs of the farmers and provide them with products that enhance their productivity and profitability. We are delighted to have MS Dhoni as our brand ambassador, who shares our vision of empowering the farmers and creating a positive impact on their lives,” Chavan said.

The launch of the new range of Swaraj tractors is expected to boost the sales and market share of Mahindra Group in the tractor segment. Mahindra Group is the market leader in the tractor industry in India with a share of over 40%. The company sold over 3.4 lakh tractors in FY 2022-23, registering a growth of 27% over the previous year.

M&M’s share price likely to rise further on strong tractor and automotive businesses

Mahindra Group's Swaraj Tractors launches new range in partnership with MS Dhoni
Mahindra & Mahindra share price chart

The launch of the new range of Swaraj tractors is also likely to have a positive impact on the share price of Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M), the flagship company of Mahindra Group. M&M’s share price has been on an upward trend since the beginning of this year, gaining over 35% from Rs 730 in January to Rs 990 in September. The company’s strong performance in the tractor segment, along with its recovery in the automotive segment, has been driving its stock price.

According to analysts, M&M’s share price can further rise up to Rs 1,100-1,200 in the next six months, given its robust outlook for both its tractor and automotive businesses. The company is also expected to benefit from its strategic partnerships with Ford India and Pininfarina, as well as its investments in electric vehicles and mobility solutions.


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